<aside> 💡 Drag your most important clients or recent clients into the sync box to show them on the dashboard. You can organize your clients in columns by type or any other method that fits. Just drag the New Client over to the appropriate column. When you are finished with a client and want to archive them, drag them into the "Archive" toggle.


$\colorbox{#0f123b}{\color{ffffff}\cal {👨🏼‍💼 New Clients}}$

Client 2

Client 3

Client 4

$\colorbox{#0f123b}{\color{ffffff}\cal\large {Client Type 1}}$

Client 1

$\colorbox{#0f123b}{\color{ffffff}\cal\large {Client Type 2}}$

$\colorbox{#0f123b}{\color{ffffff}\cal\large {Client Type 3}}$